PhD in Law
Moscow City Bar



On the Home page you have already found that I:

- am Attorney-at-Law with experience since 1997;

- am a PhD in Law;

- provide my clients with qualified legal assistance in different spheres of law in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus;


- solve a wide range of legal matters, including criminal and civil defence in all Courts of the Russian Federation - in Arbitration (Commercial) courts and courts of General jurisdiction;

- represent clients in the European Court of Human Rights;

- guarantee to all of my principals confidentiality of any information related to obtaining  legal assistance to them, including the fact of their consultation with a lawyer.

However, you still don't know


that practice of law is not just a job for me  but the work of love. Work in order to help my clients, local or international, corporate or individual, in the decision of often confusing, and at first glance irresolvable, problems and challenges. Every case I can remember, I cherish it and I am grateful for the experience it gave me.

The Sage once said that the temptation to quit would be particularly strong just before the victory.

Don't give up!

Better find a knowledgeable and experienced assistant who will lead you to a long-awaited Victory!

All contacts can be found here.

Good luck!


Sincerely yours,


Ekaterina Malinovskaya.

адвокат Екатерина Григорьевна Малиновская